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Sun Rainbow Noodles, Pasta Noodles, Dried Noodles

  • Model No.:6 Pieces
  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
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Life Style Lohas Food Style


  • Style:Dried

Key Features

Fiveflavors: Pumpkin, Red Anka, Blue Algac, Medicine& Bamboo Charcoal


1.    The appropriate amount of watertill boiling, add the noodles, and other water boils again, add half a glass ofwater (add 2 to 3 times according to personal taste preferences), about 3 to 4minutes cooked.

2.    Add vegetables and ingredientswith preferences, pot drained water to the sauce and serve immediately.

3.    You can also add differentingredients according to personal preference, to make a variety of Chinese andWestern cuisine. Ingredient: High-level flour, Salt, Water Weight: 400g± 5%

Expirationdate: 1year

Weight: 400 g

Made in Taiwan

Life Style Lohas Food Style, Dry under Sunshine, No artificial additives, Mother nature, It is the best.

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「Love is patient,love is kind」 (Corinthians 13:4)


Main Export Market

Europe ,Japan ,Korea, South Korea ,North America ,Oceania

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