Sun Rainbow Noodles, Hand-made Noodles, Pasta

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Model No.SR 004 (4 pc/gift box)
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    Sun Rainbow Noodles, Hand-made Noodles, Pasta,(4 Piece/Gift Box)


    • Style:Dried,Preserved

    Key Features

    Five flavors:

    Pumpkin, Red Anka, Blue Algac,  Bamboo Charcoal

    Extract from the Earth

    Dry under Sunshine

    No artificial additives

    Mother nature, it is the best.


    The appropriate amount of watertill boiling, add the noodles, and other water boils again, add half a glass ofwater (add 2 to 3 times according to personal taste preferences), about 3 to 4minutes cooked.
    Add vegetables and ingredientswith preferences, pot drained water to the sauce and serve immediately.
    You can also add differentingredients according to personal preference, to make a variety of Chinese andWestern cuisine.
    Ingredient: High-level flour, Salt, Water

    Weight: serving size 66.7g(Serving Per Container 4)

    Expirationdate: 1year

    Madein Taiwan

    Life Style Lohas Food Style, Dry underSunshine, No artificial additives, Mother nature, It is the best.

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