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Hand-Painted Ceramic Ware, Hand-Painted Ceramic Plate, Porcelain Plate

  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
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  • Feature:Stocked
  • Type:Porcelain / Earthenware

Key Features


It is presented in colorful and artistic hand-paintedporcelain ware to show the beautiful views of local cultural life of WhiteHouse in Tianmu, Taipei City designated historic site and its surroundingareas. It expresses an interchange of love and a rich cultural flow among thepeople of different nationalities at Tianmu district that has generated a colorfuland luscious lifestyle.


It is not just a pottery plate, but a uniquedetachable unit that can be combined with the modern strip light to become a “colorfuland artistic rooftop plate” or an “artistic rooftop storytelling plate” togenerate different lighting effects.